The procedure should be performed outside of the menstrual period, which allows a better view of the cervix. Ideally, the procedure should be done right after your period. You can take a pain reliever drug such as paracetamol before the procedure.

The operation takes place in a gynecological position and the speculum is placed as if to perform a screening smear. Local anesthesia (similar to anesthesia used in dentists) is performed. At the time of the injection into the cervix, you may feel pain such as period cramps.

Sometimes some patients experience an increased heart rate or tremors in the legs. These symptoms are normal and related to treatment. A colposcopic examination is repeated and the actual intervention can take place.

You will hear the sound of the fume vacuum cleaner and the sound of electric generators without feeling any pain.

It is VERY IMPORTANT not to move at this time so as not to injure the vaginal walls which are not anesthetized. It is possible to feel a cramp as during the rules either during the procedure or during the hours which follow.

The tissue ablation takes only a few seconds and then a cauterization of the cervix is ​​performed. A hemostatic solution (Monsel’s solution) is applied and the speculum is removed.